Testing at the Main School of Fire Service

At the Main School of Fire Service (Poland), as part of task T5.2 Measurement Data Collection, the EU-SENSE system tests were carried out.
The task envisages the organisation of several sensor measurement data collection sessions in various locations. The sensors are part of the EU-SENSE system, which will support the effective detection and response to chemical threats.

The tests took place at the training ground of the Main School of Fire Service in Nowy Dwór Mazowiecki (Poland) on August 3th to 14th.
The tests were designed to measure:
• environmental noise,
• anomalies in detection with the use of simulants.

During the tests in several configurations of sensors location and an amount of released simulant all EU-SENSE system sensors were exposed to ammonia water and methyl salicylate evaporated from a pool.

In addition, sensors integration was checked , data was obtained for validation and the operation of sensor prototypes was verified.