Individual and collective CBRN defence training

According to ATP-3.8.1 Vol III, there are two distinctive forms of the CBRN defence training: individual and collective.

a. Individual training. Individual training prepares an individual military member to perform specified military tasks either in a centralised military training organisation or in a military unit/HQ. It encompasses procedural drills and repeated practical application of doctrines, tactics and procedures to insure that the individual acquires and maintains the required skills.

b. Collective training. Collective training is completed to prepare an organisational military team to perform military tasks/missions as a unit in order to ensure that the defined standards are met. It encompasses procedural drill and repeated practical application of doctrines and procedures to acquire and maintain tactical and operational capabilities.

For the both kinds of trainings, the Military Committee (MC) 458/11 provides the following definitions:

Basic Training: Basic training is carried out to achieve and maintain a minimum level of knowledge and skills that enable individuals/units to accomplish a limited spectrum of assigned tasks/missions.

Advanced Training: Advanced training is performed to achieve and maintain a higher level of knowledge and skills to enable individuals/units to accomplish a broader spectrum of assigned tasks/missions.

On-the-Job Training: On-the-job training involves training individual members serving in specific positions in military units or staffs to provide them with the skills relevant to those positions.

Modular Training: Modular training is based on the concept of building up skills, knowledge, and attitudes in self-contained blocks as the trainee requires. These blocks should be capable of being taken in any order, although a degree of routing may be imposed where necessary. After performing training activities evaluation is required to ensure that standards are met and subordinate commanders clearly understand the higher commander’s intent.