The EU-SENSE demonstration

We are pleased to announce, that we are currently finishing the work on the final demonstration of the EU-SENSE system! After three years of intense work, the time has come to demonstrate the work of the integrated and operational EU-SENSE system as well as  the improvements  it offers in three key aspects:

  1. Improved situational awareness of the practitioners
  2. Improvement of detection capabilities
  3. Usability for training purposes.

The EU-SENSE demonstration, planned for 6th and 7th October 2021, will be a two-day event with the attendance of all consortium partners, stakeholder group as well as other invited guests. The event will combine the following points in the agenda:

  • Day 1 of the demonstration is held at the University of Warsaw. The day is focused on the project presentations and training mode of the system. EU-SENSE partners will showcase how the developed system provides added value to CBRN practitioners through proposed innovations. 
  • Day 2 of the demonstration is held at the Training and Rescue Innovation Base of the Main School of Fire Service in Nowy Dwór Mazowiecki (BSPiIR). The emphasis will be put to showcase the system’s potential in operational conditions.

Day one will present the guests with an introduction to the prototypes developed within the project, including the following components:

  • Heterogeneous sensor node,
  • Network controller,
  • Environmental Noise Learning Tool,
  • Data fusion,
  • Source Location Estimation Tool,
  • Hazard Prediction Tool,
  • Situational Awareness Tool,

as well as showcasing the training mode, following the mass event scenario.

The second day of the demonstration, held in an outdoor testing field, will show the practical application of the EU-SENSE system through the execution of two scenarios:

  1. Mass event scenario, that simulates the charity event in Warsaw. It is a representation of preparedness and response phases of operation.
  2. Toxic industrial contamination scenario demonstration. The scenario simulates the response phase of the first response operation.

We are more than excited to meet face to face with the whole consortium, as well as the stakeholder group and other guests, to conclude the work on the project with this grand event!