Training management plan for the design phase of the CBRN training according to ATP-3.8.1 Vol III

In the context of the development of the EU-SENSE handbook, a training management plan should be established. The plan supports the strategy adopted for the whole endeavor and it is treated as the end product of the design phase. According to ATP-3.8.1 Vol III, a detailed training management plan may include:

– a statement of the aims of the training and essential directions to the instructional staff for implementation of the training plan;

– the details of the learning events in the form of “lesson specifications”;

– the organization of the learning and enabling objectives into an optimum instructional/learning sequence;

– descriptions of resource-effective methods for achieving the performance standards defined in the applicable enabling objectives;

– the identification of the resources required to implement and sustain the training. When the design of training is complete, then the training plan is implemented. Due to the interactive nature of the systems approach to training – SAT, there may be a need to revisit decisions taken in the previous steps.