The final demonstration of the EU-SENSE system

On 6th and 7th October 2021, the final demonstration of the operational EU-SENSE system was held. The first day of the demonstration was organized at the University of Warsaw. After a welcome speech of the EU-SENSE Consortium Project Coordinator, Łukasz Szklarski PhD, the EU-SENSE consortium partners explained the complexity of CBRN detection, existing problems in the related research as well as elaborated on the solutions developed in the project. In detail, the agenda included topics such as EU-SENSE objectives, current capability gaps, concept and key results (ITTI), detection of chemical substances – existing problems and approaches (TNO), detection technologies and systems, the node design and operation principle (AIRSENSE and ITTI), machine learning and data fusion as essential parts of state-of-the-art chemical detection systems (tms), research on source estimation and hazard prediction (FOI), end-user perspective (SGSP, PSNI), Situational Awareness Tool and Training mode presentation (ITTI).

SA Tool Presentation during the 1st day of the demonstration

The second day of the demonstration was organized by the Main School of Fire Service, during which a practical presentation of the system was showcased at the Training and Rescue Innovation Base in Nowy Dwór Mazowiecki. The second day of the demonstration was organized by the SGSP team leader, Magdalena Gikiewicz PhD eng. During the demonstration session, the consortium showcased the operation of the system in two different scenarios: a mass incident (crisis preparedness phase) and a toxic industrial incident (ammonia leakage, crisis response phase). The show proved that the EU-SENSE system can be used in various crises and outlined further directions of its development.

The consortium undertook a variety of measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19. The movie from the entire event will be released soon.